Final: Impeachment Act

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Article Two - Impeachment


The JCOS shall have the sole power to try all Impeachments. When the President of The Confederation is tried the Confederation Domestic Advisor shall preside; and no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of the JCOS.


The President and Vice President or any Advisor of The Confederation shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Misdemeanors, or Abuse of Power.


In the event of an absent Confederation Domestic Advisor, the clan may vote to bring in an outside party to officiate any trial. An outside party shall be limited to former clan members with the status of: Legend who could be objective and hold no self interest in the removal of a President or any party convicted.


If the clan wishes to not act on the powers given in subsection © then they may request for another High Command Advisor to handle the trial.
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