Final: Presidential Succession Act

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If, by reason of death, resignation, removal from office, or inability, there is neither a President nor Vice President to discharge the powers and duties of the office of President, then the Confederation Domestic Advisor shall, upon his resignation as Domestic Advisor, act as President.

In the event that there is not a Domestic Advisor, succession will fall to the Foreign, then Security Advisor. In the event of no Advisor's, then the succession will continue to fall to the Fleet Admiral and finally the Sky Marshall.


In the event that there is a Vice President, the President may select for succession to fall to his Vice President.


The President may opt out of the succession clause in subsection (b) and allow for the protocol listed below.


An individual acting as President under subsection (a) of this section shall continue to act until a period of 2 weeks has elapsed.


Upon completion of the two weeks as stated in subsection (b), the JCOS may vote to extend the term of the acting President or hold a vote to locate an individual with the majority support of the JCOS.


In the event that the JCOS considers a vote as stated in subsection ©, they will take nominations from current members for a period of five (5) days. Upon completion of the nominations, those members who are nominated will be voted upon by the JCOS.


Once the voting is complete, the vote will be verified by the Confederation Security Advisor. Once the votes are verified, the President-elect will work with the acting President to transfer power and assume the Office of the President.
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