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Apologies due to the timing of this Act, but we have finalized our version of the correct nomination process for all Legends. This has been reworked to include the new dynamic with those post-BW leadership as well as the Elder's Board.

Legend Nomination Act

Article One


Legend Status may be granted to a member based off the criteria found on the description of “Legends” []


Any member wishing to become a Legend must be nominated via the Forums and must additionally meet all requirements set forth to be a Legend.


Legend nominations should be few and far between. Only members who have made a lasting impact on the clan should be given such honor.


The decision concluded by the High Command will then be sent to the Elder's Board for Review.


The Elder's Board will review the forum thread, decision of High Command, and come to a conclusion on the induction of a member to Legend status.


This is the only pathway for a member to be granted Legends status.


There have been 36 Legends in almost twenty years. Nominations should be scarce and reserve only for those members who have shown extreme activity, dedication, and service.


After review with former members and reviewing the wording, the Medal of Honor does not grant any member Legend status. Please refer to subsection (f) for additional clarification.
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